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For Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice see separate instructions. Cat. No. 13804A Form 7004 Rev. 12-2018. Form Rev. December 2018 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Name Print or Type Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax Information and Other Returns OMB No. 1545-0233 File a separate application for each return. Go to www.irs.gov/Form7004 for instructions and the latest information. Identifying number Number street and...
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check applicable box at bottom of Form 7004. Do not enter a U.S. military ZIP code) Day or date of birth (MM-DD-yyyy) Number of dependents (Do not use "none") Current employment, if any, if applicable Last monthly gross income (with tax withheld) For a dependent with a dependent, include only income subject to the credit. Report earnings and expenses from sources other than wages. However, income from real property used by the taxpayer for any trade, business, industry, occupation, or profession must be allocated to the taxpayer on the Form W-2 and can only be used to reduce tax liability. The taxpayer may be able to use deductions to reduce the amount of taxable income. You can find Form 7004 and the instructions for it at www.irs.gov/Forms7001. There are special instructions for people with a disability, for taxpayers under age 65 and their spouse, and for certain low-income taxpayers.<|endoftext|>What is IOTA, and why should you care? Iota is a new distributed ledger architecture, based on novel transactions protocols and decentralized nodes, that uses a novel Tangle and novel cryptography. Iota is a revolutionary step forward in building the Internet of Things, allowing for a simple, secure, efficient, and privacy-preserving network. IOTA is backed by its Founder and CEO, Dr. David Sønstebø. Read more about IOTA: Read our white paper: Who are the investors? We were founded by Dr. David Sønstebø, and in partnership with the IOTA Foundation. Where did the company get the seed funding? We had two sources of outside funding: The first is a seed round from the Founder Fund. The second was raised through a Series B funding round led by Horizons Ventures, the first venture firm with a focus on disruptive technologies. What is the Founder Fund? We are building an international team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and blockchain experts to help build a global community for the world's brightest innovators. This startup pipeline project offers its Founder fund (www.foundersfund.io) as a way to help support top IOT developers and open-source projects. How is 'blockchain innovation' different from traditional venture investments? The idea is to combine traditional sources of capital (venture capital, traditional venture capital, angel investors,

Who needs a form 7004?

Sometimes you need a bit more time to get your business’s house in order. Thankfully the IRS allows businesses to apply for an extension on their 2016 tax return. To do this, the business needs to fill out and submit IRS Form 7004.

What is form 7004 for?

If your business files as a partnership, corporation or S corporation, you can use the Form 7004 for an automatic extension. Pay close attention to the lines 2 through 6 on this form, as most apply to specific types of corporations only. Also, note that the 7004 does not mean that you can put off paying your tax liability (or at least the estimated amount of that liability). The extension only applies to the tax return your business will file later in the year, so be sure to pay the estimated tax by your business’s tax deadline.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It doesn’t require any addenda.

When is form 7004 due?

For businesses whose tax years end on December 31st, the deadline would be March 15th, 2016. The rule is to file form 7004 before the due date of the return that you need extension for.

How do I fill out a form 7004?

After you write your contacts and identifying number, determine what kind of extension you apply for and fill out either part I (automatic 5-month extension for filing forms 1065, 8804, 1041) or part II (automatic 6-month extension for filing a number of other forms). You can choose the necessary return from the list given in the form 7004.  Then complete part III to determine the dates of extension.

Where do I send it?

Mail it to the IRS or submit it electronically at the IRS official website.

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All right let's quickly talk about how to file a business tax extension welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sort of kiwi show how you doing today i hope you are doing fantastic i'm doing marvelous if you already ask me if you are doing as great as i am i want you to go ahead and grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka today's conversation will revolve around filing a business tax extension we've actually covered the same topic for individuals so if you want to file an individual tax extension you want to refer to that video but here we are going to talk about a business tax extension first of all let's just go to the definitions here what is the business tax extension the tax deadline is looming right and you're not ready to file it so you may have to track down some striking financial records or maybe some other complication has cropped up to make things impossible for you to file your business tax return on time so the irs has forms for that so you don't have to worry the process for filing an extension application for business...
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